Sintered Magnesia-Alumina Spinel

Product Details

Sintered magnesia-alumina spinel is sintered with high quality bauxite and magnesia through a multi-stage homogenization process at high temperatures above 1800℃. With erosion resistance, abrasion resistance, peeling ability, good slag resistance, good thermal shock stability, high temperature resistance and other performance characteristics.

Sintered magnesia-alumina spinel is an ideal raw material for high-temperature zones such as cement and lime rotary kilns, and refractory products such as ladle lining bricks and ladle castables.


Al2O3 (%)64-66%74-76%
MgO (%)32-34% 21-23%
CaO (%)0.8-0.85% <0.7%
SiO2 (%), <0.5%0.5%
Fe2O3 (%), <0.5%0.5%
Bulk Density (g/cm3), ≥3.25 3.25