Calcined Alumina

Product Details

Calcined alumina has good sintering performance, high conversion rate and low sodium content. The product quality is reliable, contains no impurities, has high melting point, good thermal stability, high hardness, good wear resistance, high mechanical strength, good electrical insulation and corrosion resistance.

Calcined alumina is especially suitable for shaped refractory products and refractory castables, maintenance materials, gunning materials, coating and other unshaped refractory materials. It has a strong influence on improving the high-temperature strength of refractory materials and improving the corrosion resistance of materials.


Al2O3 (%), ≤99.8 99.899.8
SiO2 (%), ≤
Fe2O3 (%), ≤
NaO (%), ≥0.120.1599.70.1599.70.15
Loose Packed Density (g/cm³), >