Tabular Alumina

Product Details

The characteristics of tabular alumina: high fire resistance; high corrosion resistance; high scour resistance; high thermal shock resistance; high strength and good toughness; chemical properties are stable.

Tabular alumina can be used as the main component in alumina-carbonaceous, alumina-magnesia-carbonaceous, magnesia-alumina-carbonaceous, magnesia-spinel, alumina-chromium refractory bricks, and can also be introduced into high-alumina unshaped refractories, which can be widely used in steel, foundry, ceramics and other industries.


Al2O3 (%), ≥99.399.399.1
Na2O (%), ≤0.400.400.40
SiO2 (%), ≤
Fe2O3 (%), ≤
Bulk Density (g/cm3), ≥3.55 3.553.50
Apparent Porosity (%)
Water Absorption (%)
Size5-10mm, 3-6mm
3-1mm, 1-0mm
0.5-1mm, 0.2-0.6mm
-45μm (-325mesh)
-30μm (-500mesh)