Refractories for Ladle

According to the different steel grades produced by steel mills, we can design and produce different types of ladle refractories to meet the different needs of customers.


For example, if customers produce ultra-low carbon steel, low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, and ordinary carbon steel, our R&D team will design different formulas and select different raw materials to produce the most suitable products for customers. We can design and supply a complete set of refractory materials for ladles, including ladle permanent lining, ladle working lining, purging plug set, slide gate and more.

We are working hard to serve customers from different countries around the world, and many years of rich experience support us to provide better service to customers.

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Main Products

Purging Plug & Well Block
Slide Gate
Upper Nozzle & Lower Nozzle
MgO-C Brick for Ladle