Dead Burned Magnesium

Product Details

DBM is a chemical substance that means when magnesite is calcined at 1800℃, carbon dioxide completely escaped and magnesium oxide formed a compact block of cubic magnesite.

DBM refractory materials are used in metallurgy, which can be used to manufacture magnesia brick, chrome magnesia brick, magnesia, metallurgical powder, fused magnesia, etc., for smelting special alloy steel, non-ferrous metals and precious metals of medium and high frequency EAF’s lining. In addition, it can be used as high temperature electrical insulation material.


MgO (%), ≥89909192939495969798
SiO2 (%), ≤
Fe2O3 (%), ≤
Al2O3 (%), ≤
CaO (%), ≤
Bulk Density (g/cm3), ≥
Size0-1mm, 0-3mm, 1-15mm, 1-30mm, 200 mesh or according to customer's requirement.