Refractories for Electric Arc Furnace (eaf)

Our mission is always to improve the service life of the refractories used in EAF, reduce our customers’ production costs, and improve their profitability. We can design and supply a complete set of refractory materials for EAF, from EAF roof, magnesia carbon bricks for working lining, magnesia bricks for permanent lining, cold ramming mass for EAF bottom, taphole bricks, hot repair mass for EAF.


Our professional R&D team will provide customized products and continuous best after-sales service.

We are working hard to serve customers from different countries around the world, and many years of rich experience support us in providing better service to customers.

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Main Products

EBT Brick
Hot Repair Mass
MgO-C Brick
Cold Ramming Mass
Filling Sand for EBT