Refractories for Basic Oxygen Furnace (bof)

Our BOF R&D team has been working hard to improve the life of the converter and help customers reduce production costs and increase profits.


We can design and provide a complete set of refractory materials for BOF, including permanent lining magnesia bricks, working lining magnesia carbon bricks, tap hole bricks, and various gunning materials, gunning materials and other repair products.

We take advantage of the proximity of the magnesia mine and select the best quality magnesia to ensure that we provide customers with the highest quality refractory materials for converters.

In addition to providing a complete set of refractory materials for converters, our technical team also provides customers with continuous after-sales service to ensure that the complete set of refractory materials for converters is installed and used under professional technical guidance to prolong the service life of the converter.

Our experienced professional R&D team can design and customise a complete set of converter refractories according to customer site conditions.

At the same time, our steelmaking technical team can also provide customers with steelmaking technical support, such as slag splashing to improve the performance of BOF refractory.

We are working hard to serve customers from different countries around the world, and many years of rich experience support us in providing better service to customers.

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MgO-C Brick for BOF
Tapping Hole Brick for BOF