The electric arc furnace gunning is made of fused magnesia and composite binder. It has the characteristics of good adhesion, low rebound rate, easy sintering, erosion resistance and wear resistance. It is suitable for spraying, supplementing, and maintaining the slag line of the electric furnace and the furnace slope.


MgO (%)≥88≥8864~6964~69
CaO (%)≤4 ≤4<3>22
SiO2 (%)≤5≤8<24<5
Fe2O3 (%)≤2≤3<6<5
Critical Particle Size (mm)4444
Max Appl. Temp. (℃)1750175017501750
ApplicationUsed for hot patching of the hot spot, slag, slag line, slope, wall and tapping hole of electric arc furnaces.

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