Cold Ramming Mass

Product Details

Cold ramming mass is made of high pure magnesia, high-quality magnesia calcium iron composite material, and additives. It has the characteristics of simple construction, good sintering property, strong integrity, strong permeability resistance to molten steel, corrosion resistance, no floating, long service life, etc.


MgO (%)≥78≥81≥81≥8063~69
CaO (%)12~168~1211~1413~1624~29
Fe2O3 (%)4~64~6 3~5 3~5 4~6
Particle Size (mm)0~60~60~60~60~6
CCS (MPa)1300℃, 3h≥10≥10 ≥8≥8≥8
1600℃, 3h≥35≥35≥35≥35≥35
LC (%)1300℃, 3h0~-0.50~-0.50~-0.50~-0.50~-0.5
1600℃, 3h-1~3.0-1~-3.0-1~-3.0-1~-3.0-1~-3.0
ApplicationUsed for ramming the bottoms and slopes of EAF.