Hot Repair Mass

Product Details

Hot Repair Mass is used to fill the gap between the brick and the bottom of the furnace when replacing the steel outlet in the electric arc furnace steelmaking process, and to make small hot repairs when pits or cracks appear locally in the bottom of the electric arc furnace.

It is made of high-quality high iron, high calcium magnesium material, and a unique organic binder. This series of products have the characteristics of high-temperature resistance, erosion resistance, and so on.


MgO (%)≥75≥8263~69
CaO (%)13~178~1224~29
Fe2O3 (%)4~64~6 4~6
Particle Size (mm)0~60~60~6
CCS (MPa)1300℃, 3h ≥10 ≥10 ≥8
1600℃, 3h ≥35≥35≥35
LC (%)1300℃, 3h 0~-0.50~-0.50~-0.5
1600℃, 3h-1~-3.0-1~-3.0-1~-3.0
ApplicationUsed for repairing the bottoms and slopes of EAF.