Al₂O₃-MgO-C Brick

Product Details

Al₂O₃-MgO-C Brick is made of calcined magnesia, calcined corundum, and large lamellar graphite as the main raw materials, with resin as the binder. They have the advantage of slag corrosion resistance, erosion resistance, are mainly used for ladle walls and ladle bottoms.


Al2O3 (%)≥60 ≥65≥65≥70≥70
MgO (%)≥16≥12≥12≥4≥4
C (%)≥8≥8≥8≥8≥8
Apparent Porosity (%)≤8≤8≤8≤8≤8
Bulk Density (g.cm³)≥2.90≥2.95≥2.90≥3.00≥2.95
Cold Crshing Strength (MPa)≥40≥40≥40≥40≥40
ApplicationThe sidewall and bottom of ladle working lining for normal carbon steel production.