Purging Plug & Well Block

Product Details

The purging plug & well block is made of chrome corundum and other materials, and is installed in the bottom of the ladle, which is an important functional part.

It has the characteristics of a stable structure, a wide range of air permeability, easy adjustment of gas flow, high blowing rate, anti-scouring, erosion resistance, long service life, etc.


NamePurging PlugWell Block
Al2O3+MgO+CrO (%)≥96.0≥94.0≥92.0≥96.0≥92.0≥92.0
Bulk Density (g.cm-3)≥3.15≥3.15≥3.10≥3.15≥3.10≥3.10
Cold Crushing Strength (MPa)≥120≥100≥90≥60≥60≥50
(Nm³.h-¹) Gas Permeability (0.1—1.0 Mpa)20-5020-5020-50——————