MgO-C Brick for BOF

Product Details

Using large crystalline high-purity fused magnesia and high-purity flake graphite as the main raw materials, the BOF magnesia carbon brick is formed by high pressure with resin binder and compound antioxidant. It has the characteristics of low porosity, high strength at high temperature, corrosion resistance and spalling resistance.

Customers can choose different brands of magnesia carbon bricks according to smelting conditions for slag line, impact zone, trunnion and other parts.


MgO%≥80 ≥78≥76≥74≥72
C (%)1012141618
AP (%)≤3.0≤3.0≤3.0≤3.0≤3.0
BD (g·cm³)≥3.10≥3.10≥3.03≥3.00≥2.97
CCS (MPa)≥40≥40≥40≥35≥35
HMOR (MPa) (1450℃, 30min)≥8≥8≥10≥10≥10
ApplicationUsed for the furnace crown and the bottom.Used for the trunnion, tapping and molten pool.