Tapping Hole Brick for BOF

Product Details

Tapping hole brick for BOF adopts high-quality fused magnesia and high-purity flake graphite as the main raw materials. and is pressed into shape by high-pressure molding or isostatic pressing.

It has the characteristics of low porosity, high strength at high temperature, strong anti-erosion and anti-scouring ability, good oxidation resistance, and long service life.


MgO (%)≥78≥80≥82 ≥84
C (%)121086
AP (%)≤4.0≤4.0≤4.0≤4.0
BD (g ·cm³)≥2.0≥2.92≥2.94≥2.96
CCS (MPa)≥50.0≥50.0≥50.0≥50.0
HMOR (MPa) (1450℃, 30min)≥8.0≥8.0≥10.0≥10.0
ApplicationUsed for the tapping hole.