Thin Slab SEN

Product Details

The thin slab SEN has excellent thermal shock resistance, high erosion resistance, no cracking in actual field use, long service life and can meet the requirements for use in the steel mill.


SENBowlBodySlag Line
Chemical AnalysisRangeTypical ValueRangeTypical ValueRangeTypical Value
SiO2 (%)——13.18——24.72——3.59
TiO2 (%)——1.15——0.56——0.24
Al2O3 (%)——1.3265-7168.52——0.65
Fe2O3 (%)——2.34 ——0.43——0.08
CaO (%)——1.05 ——0.27——2.54
MgO (%)78-8381.22——1.03——0.06
K2O (%)————————————
Na2O (%)————————————
B2O3 (%)————————————
ZrO2 (%)——0.85——3.7791-9593.01
Lgloss (%)10-1411.4428-3230.2213-1715.98
Cold Bending (Mpa)4.5-8.56.75 7-1412.35-108.6
Apparent Porosity (%)11-1715.2211-1712.811-1813.5
Bulk Density (g/cm3)2.65-2.802.722.45-2.652.553.65-3.853.78