The monoblock stopper is matched to the tundish nozzle to control the flow rate of molten steel by controlling the size of the matching gap between the plug head and the nozzle bowl.

According to the plug head material, the plug can be made of aluminum-carbon, magnesium-carbon, spinel-carbon, and other materials, and the choice of material is closely related to the steel grade and the smelting process parameters.

The stopper we provide has the characteristics of high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and long service life.


MaterialsAl2O3-C StopperMgO-C StopperZrO2-C StopperSpinel-C Stopper
Al2O3 (%)7245--45--505545
C+SiC (%)≥11≥23≥11≥23≥12≥23≥1≥23
ZrO2 (%)--------≥60----
MgO (%)----≤65------≥10--
Bulk Density ( )≥2.80≥2.45≥2.65≥2.45≥3.40≥2.45≥2.70≥2.45
Apparent Porosity (%)≤17≤17≤17≤17≤17≤17≤17≤17
Cold Crushing Strength (Mpa)≥25≥22≥20≥22≥20≥22≥25≥22
Modulus of Rupture (Mpa)≥8≥7≥5≥7≥5≥7≥7≥7
Thermal Shock Resistance (Cycle)≥5≥5≥5≥5≥5≥5≥5≥5

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