Al2O3-SiC Castable

Product Details

Aluminum silicon carbide castable (Al2O3-SiC Castable) is made of sintered or electric furnace corundum, black silicon carbide as aggregate, sintered or electric fused corundum powder, silicon carbide powder as matrix, and a number of additives configuration. The product has the characteristics of strong slag corrosion resistance, erosion resistance and good thermal shock stability.


Al2O3 (%)≥60≥65≥70
SiC (%)≥8≥8≥8
Bulk Density (g.cm³)≥2.40≥2.50≥2.65
Cold Crushing Strength (MPa)≥20 (110℃, 24h)≥25 (110℃, 24h)≥30 (110℃, 24h)
≥30 (1000℃, 3h)≥35 (1000℃, 3h)≥40 (1000℃, 3h)
≥40 (1400℃, 3h)≥45 (1400℃, 3h)≥50(1400℃, 3h)
Permanent Linear Change (%)±0.5 (1400℃, 3h)±0.5 (1400℃, 3h)±0.4 (1400℃, 3h)
ApplicationIron LadleIron Ladle with Desulphurizating Pretreatment