Al2O3-SiC-C Brick for Iron Ladle

Product Details

Aluminum silicon carbide carbon brick is made of mullite, wax, corundum, silicon carbide, flake graphite and other main raw materials, adding metal antioxidants, additives and composite binder, mixing and high-pressure molding.

This product has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, no slag hanging and good thermal stability, and is mainly used in metallurgical equipment such as blast furnace, ladle, torpedo car and mixed iron furnace.


Al2O3 (%)≥55≥60≥60 ≥65
SiC+C (%)≥14≥16≥18≥18
Bulk Density (g.cm³)≥2.55 (200℃, 24h)≥2.60 (200℃, 24h)≥2.65 (200℃, 24h)≥2.75 (200℃, 24h)
Apparent Porosity (%)≤10 (200℃, 24h)≤10 (200℃, 24h)≤8 (200℃, 24h)≤8 (200℃, 24h)
Crushing Strength (MPa)≥40 (200℃, 24h)≥35 (200℃, 24h)≥35 (200℃, 24h)≥35 (200℃, 24h)
Permanent Linear Change (%)0~+1.0 (1400℃, 3h)0~+1.0 (1400℃, 3h)0~+1.0 (1400℃, 3h)0~+1.0 (1400℃, 3h)
ApplicationSide WallSide WallSlag Line, BottomSlag Line, Bottom