Training Program

The Purpose
To meet the company’s rapid development and expansion of personnel requirements, optimize the structure of company personnel, build the company’s talent echelon, selection on a group of students with plasticity through campus recruitment, through all aspects of training, make them have the qualified job skills, and independent bear the responsibility of the staff, thus providing reserve talented person resources for the development of the group, in order to achieve company human resource reserves and development of talents strategy.

Scope of Application
This program is applicable to students enrolled by the university.

The Principle
1. The principle of fairness, impartiality and openness;
2. Reasonable selection principle, that is, a reasonable number of personnel needs according to the development plan;
3. The principle of joint training, that is, all departments jointly undertake the training work;
4. Principle of combining theory with practice, that is, theoretical training should be combined with practical operation.