Anhydrous Tapping Clay

Product Details

Anhydrous tapping clay is a refractory material used to seal the taphole. It has the characteristics of good filling, easy opening, anti-erosion, improvement of the furnace environment, stable iron mouth, and so on.

Chemical Composition (%)Al2O3≥20≥25 ≥30≥30
Normal Temperature
Withstand Voltage (mpa)
1450℃×3h (Buried Charcoal)≥10≥15≥20≥25
Apparent Porosity (%)≤28 ≤28 ≤25
Volume Density (g/cm3)≥1.8 ≥1.9 ≥2.0
Liner Rate of Change
After Burnt (%)
+1~-0.5 +0.5~0 +0.5~0
Binder TypeEnvironmental
Bonding Agent
Environmentally Friendly Binder & ResinEnvironmentally Friendly Binder & ResinEnvironmentally Friendly Binder & Resin
Scope of ApplicationBlast Furnace Below 1000m31000~1800m3
Blast Furnace
Blast Furnace
Blast Furnace
above 3000m3