3 Main Refractory Materials and Solutions for Steelmaking Converters

Refractory materials are the backbone of efficient steelmaking converters, ensuring their structural and functional stability under extreme conditions. In this article, we will delve into three key refractory materials and the solutions they provide for steelmaking converters.


Tapping hole bricks for Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF) are crafted from high-quality fused magnesia and high-purity flake graphite, using high-pressure molding or isostatic pressing. These bricks exhibit low porosity, exceptional high-temperature strength, robust resistance to erosion and scouring, good oxidation resistance, and a long service life.


BOF magnesia carbon bricks are manufactured using large crystalline high-purity fused magnesia and high-purity flake graphite as the primary materials. They are formed under high pressure, utilizing a resin binder and compound antioxidant. These bricks possess low porosity, excellent high-temperature strength, corrosion resistance, and spalling resistance.

Customers can choose different brands of magnesia carbon bricks based on smelting conditions, whether it’s for the slag line, impact zone, or trunnion.


Gunning mass is formulated with high-quality magnesia and magnesia calcium sand as the main ingredients, combined with compound binders. This material boasts strong adhesion, a low rebound rate, easy sintering, and exceptional erosion resistance. It is well-suited for spray repair maintenance of the converter’s trunnion and slag line.

ZTM’s Refractory Material Solutions

ZTM’s converter R&D team is dedicated to enhancing converter longevity, reducing production costs, and increasing profitability for customers. Our comprehensive refractory material solutions include permanent lining magnesia bricks, working lining magnesia carbon bricks, tap hole bricks, and various gunning materials.

We capitalize on our proximity to magnesia mines to ensure the highest quality refractory materials for converters. Moreover, our technical team provides customers with continuous after-sales support, offering professional technical guidance during installation and usage to extend the converter’s service life.

Our experienced R&D team can design and customize a complete set of converter refractories tailored to customer site conditions. Simultaneously, our steelmaking technical team offers support in various aspects, such as slag splashing, to enhance BOF refractory performance.

With years of rich experience, we are committed to serving customers from around the world. Join us in enhancing your steelmaking converters with top-notch refractory materials and tailored solutions.