The Common Refractory Materials for Iron Ladle Applications

Reliable refractory materials play a vital role in extending the life of the iron ladle and improving operational efficiency. Our experienced team specializes in designing and customizing a complete range of iron ladle refractories to meet the specific conditions at your site.

The Common Refractory Materials for Iron Ladle:

  • 1. Al2O3-SiC-C bricks:

Al₂O₃-SiC-C Brick (aluminum silicon carbide carbon brick) is made of high quality materials such as corundum, graphite, scaled graphite and silicon carbide through advanced technology. It is known for its excellent resistance to slag erosion, outstanding thermal shock resistance and long service life, making it ideal for iron ladle applications.

  • 2. Al2O3-SiC Castable:

Al2O3-SiC Castable has impressive properties based on sintered or electrofused corundum as aggregate, sintered or electrofused corundum powder and silicon carbide powder as matrix with various additives. Its high resistance to slag corrosion, erosion and excellent thermal shock stability make it a reliable choice for iron ladle applications.


In conclusion, refractory materials such as Al2O3-SiC-C bricks and Al2O3-SiC castable produced using advanced technology and high quality components, can significantly improve the performance and service life of iron ladles. We are committed to customizing our refractory solutions to steel plants’ site-specific conditions to ensure that they are perfectly matched to your operational requirements, thereby improving the overall efficiency of the steel production process.